About Us

About Us

Twila True Fine Jewelry & Watches is where unexpected delights captivate your imagination. We are an accessible fine jewelry brand that has charmed the hearts of many. Our luxury jewelry store is where timeless classics meet fresh, stylish designs. From traditional and whimsical to luxury and modern, you’ll find joy at every turn, and splendor in every facet.

Blending time-honored craftsmanship with a vibrant vision for the future, our Las Vegas and Orange County jewelers bring artistic brilliance to life. We believe a well-chosen engagement ring or thoughtfully-created timepiece can transform not only your look but your mood, emotion, and sense of beauty. Our jewelry is the kind you’ll pass down from generation to generation.


Fine Jewelry for All

Jewelry changes the way you see yourself and how you feel. Wearing fine jewelry can make you more confident and empowered. At Twila True Fine Jewelry, we believe everyone deserves to feel like royalty. This is why we’ve made it our mission to design accessible jewelry. We want everyone to look and feel their best regardless of their bank balance. 

We have two luxury jewelry stores nestled within the glittering enclaves of Orange County California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Our Las Vegas and Orange County jewelers specialize in marrying time-honored traditions of the past with modern designs for today's luxury connoisseur. Luxurious yet affordable, our jewelry will make you look like a million bucks without spending it!

Embracing wearable treasures. Experiencing the unexpected. That’s Twila True Fine Jewelry & Watches.