Twila True is our founder and CEO. She started her company with the belief that brilliant jewelry could be crafted using the highest-quality metals and gemstones for reasonable prices. At the same time, she also wanted to find ways to connect those who love jewelry with one another. The end result? Twila True Fine Jewelry & Watches.

Twila considers herself both an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and she supports several charitable causes through her company.

We’re both! We started with one location in Newport Beach and added a second location in Las Vegas in 2021. Each location has been tailor-made to give you a jewelry experience unlike anything you’ve seen from any other retailer.

At the same time, we also sell all of our pieces online. Although you won’t get the same one-on-one interaction you’d get in-store, our team is ready to connect with you via email, phone, or chat to answer all of your questions.

In the dictionary, “bespoke” is defined as “made for a particular customer or user.” At Twila True Fine Jewelry & Watches, bespoke defines almost everything we do. Our expert artisans and designers are willing to help you create custom pieces from concept to design. Give us a sketch or a photo as inspiration, and we’re glad to help you build your one-of-a-kind engagement ring, wedding band, or other fine jewelry pieces from the ground up.

Our street style collection is our fashion-forward selection of urban rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Each piece is on-point and has been meticulously designed and crafted to create bold works of art. They don’t just match the hottest trends, they set them!

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