Bespoke Jewelry

Uniquely Crafted For You.

Bespoke Jewelry

Twila True Bespoke Jewelry is where your vision of fine jewelry fantasies comes true. Your unique style is brought to life in a seamless process at the hands of our designers and fine artisans.

Design Process

The design experience is where your creative juices flow and your inspirations take flight. Working with our dedicated team of experts is effortless and re- assuring, helping you create the pieces you envision. It starts with an in-store or virtual consultation to discuss the specifics of your request. We’ll review photos, drawings, or inspirational pieces with you.

3D Render
& Wax Printing

Our designers will get to work on the first step in bringing your vision into development. Next, they will go back and create a specific 3D CAD design and present it to you for feedback and any requested revisions. Once approved, a wax model can be made to bring your concept to fruition and provide final confirmation.

Cast & Set

Once final approval is confirmed, a 50% deposit is paid, and the die to your customized piece will be cast and set with the precious metal and gems that you chose.

Finished Product

Our artisans will use their skills to review your piece in fine detail, polishing it to perfection to show off its finished brilliance. It’s then all yours. You can choose an in-store pickup or have it securely shipped directly to you.

Bring Your Vision To Life

Vargas Dynasty Diamond Pendant

The electrifying power of the Vargas Dynasty is captured in this bold diamond pendant that celebrates the legacy of athletic and business success.