5 Different Types of Diamond Cuts

5 Popular Diamond Cuts: An Engagement Ring Style Guide

A beautiful diamond encrusted engagement ring in a white box on a pale blue background

Finding a beautiful, elegant engagement ring doesn’t have to be stressful. But with so many styles, shapes, bands, and cuts, the options can get overwhelming fast. Every diamond sparkles in its own way—so finding which one speaks to you and your partner is a great place to start. Are you looking for something more modern, or do you prefer a more traditional look for your special stone? 

Whether you’re a bride in search of something modern and avant-garde, or looking for a more traditional cut to match your fairytale romance, we’re here to break down the five different types of diamond cuts. Our engagement ring style guide is a great place to start as you begin to create the ring of your dreams.


Round Cut

A Round Cut Diamond Ring

When you picture different types of diamond cuts, the first one that probably comes to mind is the round cut. After all, it’s by far the most popular! Over 70% of the world’s GIA-certified diamonds are fashioned into this shape. It has the most brilliant sparkle of all the types of diamond cuts thanks to the rounded shape and 58 facets, which maximizes the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle while still maintaining most of the stone’s original weight.

It’s a great stone for any bride who wants to highlight the natural fire, brilliance, and sparkle of her new diamond!


Princess Cut

A Princess Cut Ring on a White Background

The princess cut diamond is a more recent innovation and boasts more of a modern and trendy appearance than other different types of diamond cuts. The princess is typically square in shape, but you might also find ones that appear more rectangular on the market. Among all other non-round diamond cuts, it has the most potential for brilliance and sparkle due to its faceting pattern. 

The princess cut is a great option for bridges who want a sophisticated, yet modern cut. It's also typically more affordable than other diamond cuts in this engagement ring style guide.


Emerald Cut

An Emerald Cut Ring on a White Background

Emerald cut diamond rings are a celebrity favorite—they’re sophisticated, worldly, and glamorous, and often big and bold as they’re typically less costly. The emerald cut’s rectangular shape is great for elongating the finger, too. They produce a more subtle sparkle than other different types of diamond cuts and are often cut for clarity rather than brilliance. 

These rings often have a strong vintage feel, but can also be paired with sleek and modern ring designs for a look that’s perfect for an effervescent, confident bride.


Oval Cut

An val ring against a white background

Fiery and elegant with a modern feel, oval cut diamonds maintain most of the brilliance and sparkle of their round cut cousin. Their unique faceting pattern allows the stone to appear larger than other diamonds of similar carat size, and it also has an elongating effect on a bride’s fingers due to its shape.

Oval cut diamonds are the perfect choice in this engagement ring style guide if you want a traditional ring that still has something a little special.



A Pear-Shaped Ring on a White Background

The pear-shaped cut, also known as the teardrop diamond, is currently entering a resurgence in popularity. Beloved for its elegant, asymmetrical cut, this ring is a vintage throwback style. The teardrop cut often has great variety in the design—but that’s all part of their allure.

This is a perfect style for brides looking for a beautiful, larger-than-life diamond.


A Stone that Sparkles

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