5 Statement Pieces for A Night Out

If you have a night out planned, there are definitely a few arrangements to make before you head out. Whether for business or pleasure, spending a few hours out on the town calls for preparations!

Getting your hair or nails done are ways to look and feel your best when preparing for a great night with loved ones or colleagues. Choosing an amazing outfit and shoes are also in order. Last, but not least, choosing statement jewelry and accessories that accentuate your outfit are a must for a successful night out.

From  alligator handbags to 18k rose gold rings, we’ve put together a few of our favorite statement pieces that will make any outfit shine.

1. Ombre Noir Lizard Bag

Ombre Noir Lizard Skin Bag

When it comes to handbags, this is one of our favorites. Not only will this lizard skin bag turn heads, it is made to last!

Treat yourself to this eye-catching extravagant ombre noir lizard bag. This exquisitely crafted lizard skin bag is a functional work of art you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Whether paired with a formal gown or cocktail dress with some statement jewelry, this gorgeous handbag delivers a refined look that you’ll fall in love with over and over again.

Once you carry a bag like this, there’s simply no going back. Complement your lizard bag with fine jewelry, including traditional and street-style pieces to match your look.

2. 18K Rose Gold Ring

18k Rose Gold Flower Ring

Find your inspiration and the perfect shimmering accent with this breathtaking 18K rose gold ring.

This gemmed-out piece of statement jewelry is meticulously crafted with stunning 18K rose gold and will bring luster and shine to each day and to a special evening out.

Elevate your personal collection with this gorgeous piece. It will carry over from evening into everyday with ease. We love glamorus women’s rings that go the extra mile — and this piece surely serves dual purposes.

3. 14K Rose Gold Blue Enamel Diamond Single Earring

14k Rose Gold Blue Enamel Diamond Single Earring

This 14K rose gold blue enamel earring is masterfully crafted from a magnificent vibrant blue that’s sure to enhance your personal style and add a pop of neon elegance to any look. Boasting a perfectly exciting aesthetic, this 14K blue earring is ideal as a statement jewelry piece for a fun night out.

 Endlessly versatile and undeniably radiant, this piece is sure to delight even the most selective of jewelry collectors and connoisseurs, making your ears dazzle on your big night.

The 14K Rose Gold Blue Enamel Diamond Single Earring is a luxurious accessory that will always pop, whether you're out to dinner or attending a red carpet event.

4. Carmine Alligator Hand bag

Red Alligator Handbag

A carmine alligator handbag is a breathtaking work of art. This red handbag is designed to leave a long lasting impression wherever you go. Boasting a deep, scarlet hue and crafted from sumptuous alligator skin leather, this is a piece that will become your new go-to bag wherever life takes you.

From elegant dinner parties to lively nights out on the town, this gorgeous bag will always add a special touch to your aesthetic and will be a special selection for any season.

This particular alligator handbag offers a decadent feel and design, beautifully highlighted by its rich, ruby color that exudes extravagance yet remains simultaneously highly sophisticated.

It’s a head-turner that is a powerful piece worn alone or paired with some statement jewelry.

5. Loose Oval Diamond

Yellow Oval Diamond Ring

Finally, a stunning yellow oval diamond ring will add elegance and glamor to any night out.

Boasting a crisp cut and luxurious shine, this oval yellow diamond ring is truly a miraculous sight to behold — pictures simply can’t do it justice.

This is an heirloom-quality piece you can pass down from generation to generation. The memories this ring will hold are sure to be unparalleled. Glamorous yet refined, this yellow oval diamond ring would add such joy, beauty, and splendor to your look, and in turn, your life.

Luxury Jewelry & Accessories

When you are getting all of your preparations set for a great evening out, be sure not to miss a beat and plan for not only your clothes but also your accessories.  Not only will you be adding the delicate details that will make your look memorable, you’ll be creating a collection of timeless pieces to pair with plenty of outfits in your closet for years to come.

Whether it's alligator handbags or 18k rose gold rings, Twila True Fine Jewelry & Watches has statement jewelry and accessories that are guaranteed to please. These classic pieces are all high-quality minimalist designs that will stay on-trend and can all be worn during day or night.