Graduation Gift Guide

Our breathtaking jewelry graduation gifts make a once-in-a-lifetime event truly unforgettable. Your loved one worked so hard to reach this moment, so only the best presents will do! We invite you to peruse our keepsake graduation gifts to find the perfect piece they’ll treasure forever. We have something for everyone, so be sure to browse all our carefully curated collections. Here are seven graduation gift ideas that our knowledgeable sales specialists highly recommend.


1. Fine Enamel Jewelry


For the graduate who loves wearing big, bold colors, you simply can’t go wrong with something from our Enamel Jewelry Collection. Crafted from elegant rose gold and accented with shimmering diamonds and vibrant, colored enamel, these are jewelry graduation gifts that will be cherished forever. They look stunning on their own, but we recommend giving them a variety of pieces so they can mix and match colors according to their mood and outfit.

2. A Luxury Watch

A fine timepiece is a classic graduation gift. Watches represent the incredible amount of time spent to finally achieve their diploma. And as they transition to the next chapter of life, you can be sure a time-keeper will come in very handy! Watches are both practical and fashionable, which is a big reason they’re the most popular jewelry graduation gifts. We’re proud to offer an incredible selection of breathtaking luxury wristwatches, including pieces from world-class brands like Rolex.


3. A Commemorative Ring


A ring is one of the best keepsake graduation gifts that you can give because they exude luxury and class, and are ideal for everyday wear. As the graduate in your life prepares for a new career (or whatever’s next), their ring will always remind them of the hard work that led them to this auspicious occasion. A ring is a symbol of power and prestige—perfect for someone who could use a confidence boost during this transitional time of life.


4. A Breathtaking Necklace


As you shop for jewelry graduation gifts, be sure to peruse our Necklace Collection. Since ancient times, necklaces have remained an enduring symbol of status and wealth, and many cultures even believed they had magical powers. We carry a wide range of styles so you can find a piece that fits your graduate’s style and personality. And don’t forget to explore our dazzling pendants to make your gift especially meaningful.


5. A Stunning Bracelet


Our Bracelets Collection has something for everyone. Our braided leather men’s bracelets are an excellent choice for guys who don’t typically wear shiny jewelry, but we also have some flashier options too. Our women’s bracelets run the gamut from delicate, wispy bangles to bold statement pieces. These jewelry graduation gifts are a great choice for people who don’t wear jewelry every day, instead reserving it for special occasions. That said, these bracelets are also suitable for everyday wear.

6. Street Style Jewelry


If you’re shopping for someone who might not enjoy the more traditional keepsake graduation gifts, be sure to check out our Street Style Collection. These pieces pay tribute to urban fashion and culture, blending the splendor of our fine jewelry with some bold styles trend-setters are sure to appreciate. These are wearable pieces of art the lucky graduate in your life will be so honored to receive.


7. High-End Accessories


Jewelry graduation gifts aren’t for everyone. Some people simply don’t wear jewelry, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! For those graduates, we recommend our luxury accessories. We carry a variety of lovely handbags, including our signature clutches, contemporary totes, trendy shoulder bags, and more. For the distinguished gentleman, a pair of cufflinks would be a superb selection.


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We’re famous for our unparalleled customer service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be honored to help you find the perfect gift for this remarkable occasion. Better yet, if you’re in the Newport Beach or Las Vegas areas, come visit us! Our knowledgeable sales professionals can provide personalized recommendations for jewelry graduation gifts based on their years of experience.


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We hope this guide is helpful as you shop for keepsake graduation gifts! We’ve only scratched the surface here, so make sure you spend some time exploring all our collections. We take pride in our eclectic selection of fine jewelry, watches, and accessories, and we’re confident you’ll find a heartfelt gift you’ll be thrilled to give and they’ll be delighted to receive. 

Graduations are rare occasions–the culmination of so much time and effort–so make the most of it! Discover meaningful jewelry graduation gifts at Twila True Fine Jewelry & Watches.