Twila True’s Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

A woman dressed in red unboxing a watch gift

Are you looking for the perfect holiday jewelry gift to give your special someone? Twila True Fine Jewelry & Watches offers the very best of jewelry. Check out these nine jewelry ideas for the holidays to find that special gift.


1. White Gold Diamond Earrings

White gold diamond stud earrings

One of the best things about diamonds is that you can't go wrong with them. If you are looking for beautiful jewelry this holiday season, consider white gold diamond earrings. More than a trend, these popular jewelry pieces are an all-time classic.

Twila True Fine Jewelry offers white gold diamond earrings in all styles and sizes. From chandeliers to studs, you can find the perfect holiday jewelry gift that speaks love and adoration to your special someone.


2. Hoop Earrings

Yellow gold diamond hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are another timeless classic in the jewelry world. From thin to large band and simple to complex pavé, their versatile designs appeal to every taste and budget. Hoop earrings are guaranteed to bring sparkle to anyone's eyes, making them a popular holiday jewelry idea.

At Twila True Fine Jewelry, we carry a stunning collection of hoop earrings. Our wide-band hoops have a row of diamonds that encircle the entire pavé of metal, adding a bold statement to your look. For a simple yet sophisticated look, go for a thin pave band with one row of diamonds.


3. Diamond Drop Ring

A diamond and sapphire drop ring

Delicate and elegant, diamond drop rings make lovely holiday jewelry gifts. They look perfect on any finger and can be worn on their own or layered with other rings for more impact. You can also wear them in either direction to create different looks.

Twila True Fine Jewelry adds a modern twist to drop rings with our 18k White Gold Blue Sapphire Ring. Our ring has two rows of diamonds and sapphires uniquely designed to add an extra pop of color to your hand. This trendsetting piece will be the talk of your holiday parties for years to come!


4. Eternity Bracelet

Rose gold diamond tennis bracelet

For a memorable holiday jewelry gift, look no further than a diamond eternity bracelet. These bracelets have a pavé with diamonds all the way around, signifying a love that will last forever. They are the perfect gift for expressing your eternal love.

Adorn your love's wrist in a circle of diamonds with our Rose Gold Classic Tennis Bracelet. Three carats of diamonds paved on rose gold are sure to declare your undying love. No matter how you wear this showstopper piece, the glistening diamonds will be front and center of everyone’s eyes.


5. Gemstone Earrings

White gold diamond emerald earrings

Gemstone jewelry is making headlines, thanks to celebrities wearing bright-colored gems. Gemstone earrings add a splash of zest to any look with their colorful stones, making a fun holiday jewelry gift. Choose a gemstone with a color that looks amazing on your special someone.

Green is the traditional color of Christmas. So get your significant other our 18k White Gold Diamond Emerald Earring. Featuring emeralds and diamonds in chandelier style, this earring is the epitome of chic elegance. Light up your holiday season with this vibrant holiday jewelry gift!


6. Emerald Ring

A diamond and emerald ring

Ancient myths claim that emerald gems bestow natural powers to the one wearing them. Give your loved one the gift of health and vitality this holiday season with an emerald ring. Coupled with diamonds, emerald jewelry uplifts the mood and charms the eyes of all who look upon them.

Dazzle and cheer up your loved one with Twila True Fine Jewelry’s 18k White Gold Diamond Pear-Shaped Emerald Ring. Our ring features two stunning pear-shaped emeralds surrounded by round-cut diamonds, making it an exquisite holiday jewelry gift. This classic piece is guaranteed to elevate any look.


7. Chain Link Bracelet

Rose gold diamond bracelet

Another popular holiday jewelry idea, chain link bracelets allow the wearer to make a bold fashion statement. Their chunky construction and the sparkle of gold and diamonds make them the perfect accessory for festive occasions. To achieve understated elegance, you can go for more subtle designs.

Our 18k Rose Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Bracelet is a splendid piece of jewelry that will make anyone stand out from the crowd. The larger diamond links come together with a smaller, eclectic design. Diamonds paired with rose gold metal make this bracelet a winner for anyone.


8. Luxury Watch

Ebel stainless steel diamond watch

A watch is a timeless holiday jewelry gift that can be worn for generations. Yes, there are other ways to tell the time these days. But a luxury watch will never go out of style. Many watches are engravable. So you can make this gift extra special and unique.

At Twila True Fine Jewelry & Watches, we carry a spectacular collection of luxury watches. From vintage Patek Philippe to diamond Rolex watches, you’re sure to find the piece you’re looking for. Engrave the watch to make your loved one think of you every time they wear it!


9. Pendant Necklace

A diamond and blue topaz pendant necklace

Our list of holiday jewelry ideas would not be complete without pendants. Pendants are an excellent way to personalize a necklace. With so many pendant options, it’s easy to find a piece that'll make a perfect holiday jewelry gift.

We make our pendants with great detail and craftsmanship. Whether you're looking for a geometric shape like a star or a cross, Twila True Fine Jewelry has a stunning selection of pendants for every taste. Pair the charm with a matching white, yellow, or rose gold chain to bring the entire piece together.


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At Twila True Fine Jewelry, we offer a wide range of unique and trendsetting fine jewelry pieces that would make perfect holiday jewelry gifts. Whether you are looking for a specific style of ring, bracelet, watch, or necklace, our vast selection will help you find your desired piece. Visit our stores in Las Vegas, NV and Laguna Hills, CA, or browse online to shop for your holiday gift.